Game of Life

‘Game of Life' is a relaxing and inspiring new melody, symphonically built and inspired by technology combined with visualization of a mathematical world.
Listen and imagine how computertechnology can visualize a mathematical world and order through a musical expression.
Game of life is a “zero-player” game concieved by mathematician John Horton Conway (1970). The outcome of the ‘game’ is determined by its initial state, which then plays out by itself. The game is governed by a set of simple rules, which cells added on a grid must obey. One interacts with the Game of Life by creating an initial configuration and observing how it evolves. What makes Game of Life interesting is how even minor changes to the initial stage can change the outcome significally and accordingly rendering chaotic behavior.
Game of Life is an excellent example of the very special musical talents of Klaus Schønning – combining and visualizing a theme in a beautifully composed and played melody.

Game of Life
From 'Fractal Zoom'
Music: Klaus Schønning
Video: Ste van Holm