Dec 04 2020 4:30 PM
Winter solstice is almost here! The magical time where the sun returns! Happy new year!
Candlemas from 'The Anniversary Concert'
Oct 28 2020 2:00 PM
Lydglimt rerelease reception and artist talk

Film from the reception for the re-release of Klaus Schønning's 'Lydglimt' on vinyl.
October 26, 2020 at BEAT, Enghave Plads.

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Oct 05 2020 2:36 PM
'Lydglimt' reissue on vinyl

Lydglimt by Klaus Schønning - an otherworldly blend of ethereal ambient, new age with discofied undertones - reissued.

Frederiksberg Records is proud to announce the 40th anniversary LP reissue of Lydglimt, done in close collaboration with Klaus Schønning.

In contrast with the loud musical landscape of jazz, rock and punk, which dominated Denmark in the late 70's, Schønning took a different path. He chose to combine the serenity of nature with futuristic machinery. He bought his first electronic organ at the age of 13 and, guided by his heroes Ray Manzarek and Walter Carlos, was determined to make his own kind of music on electronic instruments. With the introduction of the first Roland synthesizer and a Teac 4-track recorder, Schønning was well-equipped for the task. In the snowy winter of 1979, the wild-haired Schønning biked around Copenhagen with a box of records to sell. The record, titled Lydglimt(meaning ‘glimpses of sound ́), was the 25-year old’s first solo album. It was recorded in his home studio and privately pressed from his own pocket.With Lydglimt, Schønning wanted to musically illustrate Denmark’s natural surroundings. The record is therefore separated into two suites, Skoven (the Woods) and Stranden (the Shore), each completed with the addition of field recordings of birds and waves.One of the secrets to its peculiar sound is the lack of any drum machines. Lydglimt is awash with droning and almost danceable rhythms. Bordering on obsession with doing things his own way, Schønning devised a technique of using white noise and the keyboard itself as a percussion instrument. His aim was to humanize the technology while making the most of his limited means. After Lydglimt, Schønning continued releasing music, both on his own and on established labels. In 1981, he received a letter from Suzanne Menzel, a fellow musician who heard his music on the radio and proposed a collaboration. The result was Menzel’s sole album release, the privately pressed Goodbyes And Beginnings (previously re-issued on Frederiksberg Records). 40 years since its initial release, Lydglimt has lingered on as an obscure classic, tracing the missing links between the heritage of folk and prog, the ancestry of classic composition and the early promise of electronic music.  With lyrical and symphonic elements mixed with experimental ideas, Lydglimt stands a part as a statement of its time. A precursor of sorts to what later became known as new age music, Schønning has been embraced as a pioneer and Lydglimt has proven itself to be timeless in its appeal.

Artist: Klaus Schønning
Title: Lydglimt
Format: 33 rpm LP
Bonus material: Booklet with new liner notes + rare photos File under: New-Age, Ambient, Protodisco
Personnel: Klaus Schønning
Tracks: Solopgang, Lysstrejf, Skovfragmenter, Vandløbet, Tordenskyen, Aftenregn, Havbrus, Strandbølger, Sandflugt, Klittåge, Havmågen, Solnedgang, Natskygger
Label: Frederiksberg Records
Year of Release: 1979
UPC: 040232388057
Mastering: Greg Reierson
Liner Notes: Simon Eliasson
Graphic Restoration and Design: Javi Bayo

RELEASE DATE: October 26th, 2020

ATTN: Andreas Vingaard

Aug 26 2020 8:28 AM
Four NEW Symphodyssé albums

In addition to the remastering of the four original Symphodyssé albums, Klaus has created a brand new Symphodyssé series. The four new albums will be released on the same day as the remasters: September 4th, 2020.

Aug 23 2020 10:01 PM
Symphodyssé Remaster

In the late 80ies - early 90ies, Klaus released four albums of new age music called Symphodyssé 1 - 4.
On september 4th 2020 these four albums will be rereleased in remastered versions.

Here you can hear Klaus talk about the albums (click 'cc' for english subtitles):

Jul 10 2020 3:42 PM
Anecdote film: 'Nasavu'
Jul 06 2020 11:55 AM
Anecdote film: 'Lydglimt'
Jun 27 2020 11:21 AM
Anecdote film: 'Cyclus'

Apr 03 2020 9:34 AM
Video for 'Cyclus part II'
Feb 13 2020 10:25 PM
'CYCLUS' Remaster with bonus track!

In 1980, 40 years ago, Klaus Schønning released his second album 'Cyclus'.
Based on a musical figure present in all of the albums eight tracks, 'Cyclus' is a meandering journey of musical wonder!
For this 40th anniversary edition, the original cover has been restored, and Klaus has composed a brand new track, 'Cyclus part IX' in the style and timbre of the original album.

'Cyclus' Remaster will be released April 3rd, 2020.