Aug 28 2021 7:09 PM
PIROUETTES - New Album out september 1st 2021

"Pirouettes" contains nine new songs, each with
its own evocative expression - a dynamic, expressive music performed on synthesizers and acoustic string instruments. The image of the dancer on the cover is a symbol that dance highlights a musical expression, while the music is brought to life through a dancer's movements. With the dancer's elegant movements, the listener is led into a kaleidoscopic, varied musical universe filled with mood and harmony, which moves the mind, stimulates the imagination and inspires the listener.

"Pirouettes" is Klaus Schønning's fortieth album, and this record shows in particular his characteristic, superb mastery of the electronic and acoustic sounds, which are embodied in a versatile, colorful palette of well-sounding arrangements and fine melodic pieces of music. Klaus Schønning shows on "Pirouettes" his sense of creating a unique, universal and timeless music that will give the listener a great experience through music that can be heard again and again.

Jul 05 2021 10:55 AM
New track: The Winning Team

“The Winning Team” - a magnificent piece of music that emphasizes our human approach to the sport of football, and sets the tone for the great joyful event that gathers and captivates us all. 'The Winning Team' is available on Bandcamp:

Apr 05 2021 10:30 AM
'A Place Called Home' review

 There's a very nice review of 'A Place Called Home' here:

It is in danish, but here's a quick translation:
Klaus Schønning released his - now legendary - debut album "Lydglimt" in 1979, and I remember borrowing it and several of the subsequent works at Ishøj Library back in the early 80's. I was generally preoccupied with the new electronic composition music or new-age music, which also names like Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Andreas Vollenweider delivered in wide format these years.
For me, however, it was Mike Oldfield - and not least his momentary divine guitar playing, who won in relation to a persistent interest in me. Therefore, I have only briefly followed Klaus Schønning's otherwise quite beautiful internationally oriented career since then - apart from the few albums he made under the name The North together with Peter Brander and Kim Skovbye in 1999 and 2013.
And after a bit of research in the back catalog in connection with his new digital album "A Place Called Home" - which will be released today, April 1st - I can then state that I have missed something quite groundbreaking on the Danish music scene. Because I definitely get the feeling of an artist who, with more than 40 albums in his luggage, has managed to maintain a high level in both meditative and melodic instrumental music.
His music creates images, sets thoughts in motion, creates moods - both the joyful and the fearful. Nuanced and curious - although the template and formula have not changed much in the more than 40 years that have passed since the debut album. Klaus Schønning is a multi-instrumentalist with synthesizers and keyboards as the key to a magnificent universe where the atmospheric, the ambient and the harmonic are the fixed guides.
Last year, an anniversary edition of "Lydglimt" was released on vinyl via Frederiksberg Records. Just 500 copies were printed and they have been torn away by customers with addresses all over the world. In 2018, he also released a remake of the album under the title "Lydglimt II", which, however, has only been released digitally.
Now he is ready to invite on another new symphonic journey with the album "A Place Called Home". 10 tracks with normal playing times of between 2:37 and 5:46 - and a total playing time of about 42 minutes.
"Astronaut" is released as a single, and it sends one on a cool ascension with a painterly sound of weightlessness. As such, Klaus Schønning is not a single artist, and his album is clearly best experienced as a whole, but having said that, for example "Tectonic Dance" is actually a song with real single potential. Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.
Had it - or another number like "Timelapse" been used in a movie or series, it is such a track that automatically draws - and makes curious. Overall an album - which especially enjoyed in headphones - sends you on a pleasant journey where you may not get the biggest surprises or experience of your life, but you where get time and peace to feel that there is something about 'to travel is to live '- while not forgetting' to live 'is also to be able to listen - and feel when you are at home.
Next month - the 27th of May - an autobiography of Klaus Schønning will be published with the title "A Music Journey in Consonance and Dissonance" via his own company Music Venture.
Mar 19 2021 10:04 AM
NEW ALBUM: 'A Place Called Home'


April 1st 2021 the new Klaus Schønning album 'A Place Called Home' will be released.
'A Place called Home' is a reflection on the state of the modern world, where at present we only know one place in the universe where there is life. A small oasis in an infinitely large space.
The Wedge
Tectonic Dance
The Librarian
The Hall of Mirrors
Once Upon a Time in Vienna
Blue in Montmartre
Through the Eyes of the Watchmaker
A Place Called Home
Mar 01 2021 5:36 PM
Lydstrejf #1 - Klaus' set

On the last day of february 2021, six danish musicians joined forces to perform six short sets from six different locations all streamed on the same channel under the banner 'Lydstrejf #1'.
Klaus Schønning was the closing performer, playing a 30 minutes set of six songs from his home studio in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Klaus performed:
1) Solopgang (Sunrise)
2) Lysstrejf (Light Beams)
3) Arctic Spring
4) Astronaut
5) Sunset over Ararat
6) Vandløbet (The Stream)

Feb 25 2021 8:25 AM
Streaming concert 'Lydstrejf #1'

This sunday - february 28th 2021, Klaus will perform a short set as part of the streaming concert 'Lydstrejf #1'.
Click here to join: LydStrejf #1 Facebook event

Klaus is currently in preparation for the event, where he will perform music never before heard as well as classics from his back catalogue.

The concert is free to attend.

Jan 22 2021 9:32 AM
PORTRÆTUDSENDELSE PÅ DK4: 'Hjemme hos Klaus Schønning'

DK4 har lavet et portræt af Klaus Schønning. Du kan se traileren til programmet herunder.
Premiere: Mandag den 25. januar 2021 kl 19:00
Genudsendelse: Onsdag den 27. januar 2021 kl 21:05
Genudsendelse: Fredag den 29. januar 2021 kl 01:15

LISSIE MARIE TRUST, tv-journalist & tilrettelægger på DK4, skriver om udsendelsen:
"Siden han var ganske lille, har han vidst, hvad han ville. Når alle andre børn ville være brandmænd, politimænd eller lignende, så ville han gå musikkens vej. Men det var ikke nok. Han ville skabe sin helt egen sound. Derfor har nøgleordet for Klaus været frihed – frihed til at gå egne veje – gerne mod strømmen – frihed til selv at vælge, til at lave egne fortolkninger af klassiske værker og til at komponere og udgive egen musik.
Vi møder Klaus Schønning i privatvillaen lidt nord for København. Her lever han og hustruen Trine på 28. år. Her er deres 3 sønner vokset op. Her har han sit hjemmestudie og her har han komponeret, arrangeret og indspillet utallige stykker instrumentalmusik. Musik der er et unikt miks, mellem den elektroniske lyd og mange forskellige akustiske instrumenter.
Klaus har et mål med musikken – den skal være tilgængelig, og den skal have et universelt udtryk, altså kunne forstås af alle, overalt og til enhver tid."