Nov 24 2022 11:39 AM
'Migratory Birds' - New music from Klaus Schønning
Birds have always had a special place in human consciousness and thoughts. Throughout history, they have played a significant role in human religions, myths and legends at all times and in virtually all cultures. They have entered into rituals and have been symbols and omens in many of life's relationships. Man has looked with admiration towards the sky, where the soaring movements of the birds have been symbols of a freedom that was not limited to us. They cross divides and boundaries that people fight over, and they navigate with a certainty that we still struggle to understand. They have characteristics and skills that in many ways surpass ours, and which we are constantly fascinated by.
I have been inspired by the floating freedom that birds have on my album "Migratory Birds", where I freely fantasize about the universe of birds with a universal music that does not directly adhere to individual genres, but appeals to everyone everywhere with a timeless expression. The music, which is both melodic, harmonic and rhythmic, should be seen as a picture of the free life and behavior of the birds, and I hope "Migratory Birds" will be an inspiration for the listener's imagination and thoughts.

releases November 25, 2022