Lydglimt II

Lydglimt II

When I recorded the original 'Lydglimt' 40 years ago, I was limited by the scarce technical options I had available.
With the great progress in the field of keyboards and recording technology that has happened since, it is now easier
and faster testing and realizing musical ideas. I was wondering, how ‘Lydglimt’ would have sounded if I had the
possibilities I have today. That question became the basis for the rerecording of ‘Lydglimt’. A journey where the
music of the past was led to a contemporary expression.

While rerecording "Lydglimt", I revisited the melodies, harmonies and rhythm of the music from the time, but I
have added 40 years of experience in composition, arrangement and recording, so the music now features an
improved updated sound based on the opportunities we have today. Likewise, I have expanded and rearranged
some of the music so that the individual songs now convey the musical expressions that I would have liked to
realize when I worked with simple means on "Lydglimt" in 1979.

All tracks was composed, arranged and recorded by Klaus Schønning

Klaus Schønning played synthesizers, samplers, keytar and lap steel guitar
The recordings were made in autumn of 2017 in Klaus Schønning’s private studio
Mastering by Ste van Holm

Lay-out: Ste van Holm (based on original by M. Hertz)
Cover photo: Tonny Jørgensen (based on original by Jo Banks)