Music in Colors 4. Green

Music in Colors 4. Green
'Music in Colors 4. Green' the fourth of Klaus' six final albums.
All tracks are named after tones of green.

’Music in Colors’ is built on a universal and timeless idea, where the nuances of colors inspire music. And vice versa, where the expression of colors depicts the music’s components of tones, moods and timbres. Music reflects colors and colors reflect music. A fundamental factor that can be communicated and understood by everyone and that can be perceived individually and subjectively by the listener.
The music is harmonious and melodic and moves through varied symphonic soundscapes in dynamic progressions. Large complex synthesizer arrangements create a completely distinctive and highly expressive musical expression that Klaus has developed over the years.

From January 2024 and the following six months, the musician Klaus Schønning will publish the mammoth work ’Music in Colors’. The work consists of six albums, which have the subtitles ’Yellow’, ’Orange’, ’Red’, ’Green’, ’Blue’ and ’Purple’. Each album consists of 9 instrumental tracks, giving a total of 54 tracks and a playing time of just around 4 hours.
At the same time, ’Music in Colors’ will be Klaus Schønning’s last release.